Pokemon Azotic Fire

Pokemon Azotic Fire

June 10, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info

Name: Pokemon Azotic Fire
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Alpha&Omega

DS Sprites for characters and overworld.
There will be Primal Forms and Mega Evolutions for your Pokemon.
The author has changed the types of some moves.
The gameplay will be more difficult since trainers – gym leaders – Elite Four get different Pokemon and their combat skills are upgraded.
Many routes are changed.
The types of some Pokemon will not stay the same.
No need to use Cut anymore.
A cave which contains many Legendaries is somewhere in this Kanto.
Much more Pokemon in Safari Zone.
Day/Night System.
You can run inside buildings and houses.
The Hidden Abilities are now available for some Pokemon.
Some Pokemon’s evolution methods are changed slightly.
Nature Sanctuary

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