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Cartoon fans will surely be familiar with Doraemon. This is a cartoon show that has long been a favourite of people. Be it kids or adults, it has made a place in the hearts of people of all ages. People used to watch it with great interest and still watch it today. The main reason for its popularity was its characters and unique story. Due to people’s passion and love for this cartoon, a game based on this cartoon has been made. The game called Doraemon X has become the focus of people’s attention. Like the cartoon series people loved, this game is also being loved.

A cartoonish game full of strategy and adventure that will give you a lot of fun. Doraemon X will bring back childhood memories and explore a new world with Doraemon. Download this application to complete new challenges and competitions with Dormon and relive your childhood memories. Here, you will find many fun and interesting features and objects that will double your fun.



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