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Fortnite Mobile requires no introduction with 90 million recurring players and more than 250 million recorded accounts. We all know that this is one of the favorite Battle Royale games introduced in 2017 by Epic Games that is especially fascinating because of caricature graphics and the ability to develop all forms of constructs that can protect and engage with each other throughout the game.

While it was just a common Battle Royale in its debut, today it has two more main game modes, in addition to the versions, depending on whether you go alone, in a duo, or in a team. Below we clarify the composition of each mode.

Royal War. The player is playing solitary, pairs or teams in tournaments with up for the Fortnite Mobile to a hundred players. The combat starts with the delta jumping off a flying bus on a specific island, with the intention of looking for guns, items, and ammo required for protecting themselves and fighting other players. The game is split into rounds to reduce the field after each game. The game is won by the last live player.




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