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Game info
Immortal is an RPG horror game/visual novel that tells the story from multiple perspectives and your choices will impact how the story progresses and who will survive until the end. This game looks at the darker side of immortality and the consequences it can have around those close to you. It features realistic situations with a touch of fantasy. I took some inspiration from a game called The Crooked Man.
The Story
Twenty-two year old Nicholas has just gotten off work. After rejecting a co-workers’s invitation to go out, he decides to head home. While taking the bus home, he meets a twenty-four year old writer named Morna and the bus driver, twenty year old, Darcey. The bus soon breaks down, leaving Nicholas, Morna, and Darcey stranded outside a large manor. What lies in this manor will not only change how they see the world but also who they are.

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