Pokemon Adventure Green Chapter

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Pokemon Adventure Green Chapter

October 1, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Adventure Green Chapter
Remake From: Pokemon FireRed
Remake by: Aethestode.
Story follows the story of Green (female protagonist).
Only female is playable.
There’s a version that focuses on the boy (see here)
All POKEMONS are catch-able (eventually)
Jigglypuff is the starter POKEMON (Base stats increased)
Red and Blue will have their default name. You get to name SILVER.
Blue and Red will make more appearance.
You’ll see the old KANTO and current KANTO
A bit of HOENN and JOHTO region is playable.
New Tiles, Maps, Textures, Items, Trainer class and Pokemon Sprites
Some Gyms would have weather conditions to boost the Leader’s POKEMON.
Game would have OPTIONAL events that would change the storyline.
The main characters speak in color text while NPC speaks in black
Several reference to the Anime (Officer Jenny, JESSIE and JAMES appearance)
Gym leader would have special pokemon.
Gym battle isn’t the main priority of the game.
FAIRY TYPE is included into the game.
Several reference to Delia Ketchum and Ash Ketchum.
Day and Night System
You don’t focus on collecting GYM BADGE or CONTEST RIBBON.
You can buy soft drink in PokeMart
Pokemon Contest is playable
Poke Ball changer.

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