Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

September 22 , 2021 By Pokezone
Name: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red version
Remake by: Aethestode
These are some of features that Red Chapter currently has or that are planned for the final version of the hack.
~Updated Graphics~
~Playable Characters (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow)~
~Character Customisation~
~Character Mugshot~
~Day and Night~
~Multiple Regions (+Alola Region)~
~New Battle Backgrounds~
~A huge pokédex featuring tons of new pokémon~
~Additional Features~
Extra events and chapters.
New music.
Two rivals in the game.
The level cap was raised to 255.
New OWs for NPC.
New Trainer Sprites.
New scripts, events and secrets to discover.
D/P/P Fonts and Textbox.
Revamped Battle System (New moves and abilities, Physical and Special Split, etc).
Reusable TM.
New additional Pokémon Typing.
EV and IV stat check.
Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion.
Brand new items.
Much, much, much more waiting for you!


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