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April 23, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info
Hack Name: Pokemon Dark Crystal
Based On: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Author: Koutetsujou
Version: Beta 1.0
System: GBA
Initial Release: 2015
New Pokémon: 721 Pokémon as of Generation VI are added in the game with their respective forms, formes, and Mega Evolutions. Data updates such as moves list, stats, etc. across Generations are present. In the start, you will get to play a mixed list of 251 Pokémon.
New Moves: Some Moves as of Generation VI are added in the game such as Flare Blitz and Moon Blast. I also made some custom moves like you have never seen commonly in the real world of Pokémon. Move updates across Generations are present as well such as Crunch now decreases Defense.
New Abilities: Some Abilities as of Generation VI are added in the game such as Motor Drive and Mold Breaker. Ability updates across Generations are present as well such as Sturdy now leaving 1HP if hit by any full knock-out.
Fairy Type: The addition of the Fairy Type is in the game.
Physical/Special/Status Split: The Physical, Special, and Status split for moves is also in the game. Oh, yes! It also features an icon preview which you will also know which moves are Physical, Special, or Status.
New Repel System: Like in Black 2 and White 2, when your Repel’s effect wares off, it automatically asks if you want to use another Repel without getting another Repel from the Bag again to use one.
Poison Survival Style: Nobody faints from Poison status anymore. Like DPPt and HGSS, it leaves 1HP and the Poison status fades away.
Infinite TMs: Using TMs are now infinite. It doesn’t break after use. That means you can learn TMs as many times as you like.
Capture-Experience Gain System: You will also be rewarded Experience Points when you caught a Pokémon.
Rearranged Music: Of course, I planned to edit the music as well. My favorite themes from HGSS/BW/B2W2 are rearranged accoring to GBA voicegroups.
Missions: You can have missions in game in order to obtain rare items, unlock further events and catch uncommon Pokemon.
Easter Eggs: Seek out hidden events as you catch more uncommon Pokemon.
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