Pokemon Dark Rising

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Pokemon Dark Rising

October 11, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Dark Rising
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: DarkRisingGirl
Kaizo Version
Want to experience DarkRising 1 at a whole new level? Check out DarkRising Kaizo, an updated and more polished version of DarkRising 1 with an extended story and new mechanics that make the battles even more fierce!
The additions include:
Fixed Bugs & Glitches
Hours of Extra Story Content
Reasonable (yet still difficult) Battles
New Enemies
New Moves
New Area
.-Revives, Ethers, X-items cannot be used during battle. Revives and ethers can be used outside of battle. But X-items and Vitamins have no use.
-Evs are removed, so the game will still be very difficult even with the level curve close together.
-Draco Meteor was added. It functions as a recoil move this time, for the AI to take advantage, but it replaces the Double Team TM, and is a gift from the eight gym leader. Overheat, Leaf storm (added move), and superpower are recoil moves now.-Earth power was added, and lowers defense. Some moves that lower stats based on the Gen 3 formula are altered slightly to reflect that: Shadow ball lowers defense, and the like.
-Additional mini-bosses includes Dark Admins, Imposters, and the seven deadly sins.
-Added some Chanseys in the overworld to heal you, to reduce backtracking, just to avoid certain events that may reset.
-Some ability changes, and a few stat changes to certain pokemon. Also, many unova pokemon evolve earlier to stand a chance against the enemies.
Small Problems:

📁 Completed, English, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red
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