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January 18, 2022 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Genesis
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: dshayabusa.
New Region – The beautiful and rugged region of Serao will be home to many different kinds of Pokémon
Decision Based Storyline – Your decisions in-game will affect the direction of the story
New Tiles – Realistic and beautiful new buildings in each city
Berry Trees – The old berry trees from GSC will be present but what is their significance?
D/P/Pt Pokémon – 31 newly inserted Pokémon from the 4th Generation
Judeo-Christian References – Religious references in names and events will foreshadow future events
Travel Between Different Regions – Visit old and foreign lands, meet new and familiar people
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📁 English, Completed, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red
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