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December 14, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Mind Crystal
Remake From: Pokemon Soul Silver
Remake by: MeroMero (darkalfa1111)
Fairy Type
Revamped type-chart to include the Fairy-type matchup as well as all the neutral match-ups.
Pixie Plate implemented.
Roseli Berry implemented.
Fairy-type Arceus in place of ???-type Arceus.
Updated Judgment to take into account the Pixie Plate.
Pokédex fully updated to take into account the Fairy-type in Research mode.
Conversion updated to take into account the Fairy-type.
Conversion 2 updated to take into account all 324 types match-ups.
Battle Hall includes the Fairy-type row.
Fairy-type icon.
Pokédex Fairy-type icon.
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📁 Completed, NDS, Pokemon Soul Silver
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