Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon

October 1, 2022 By Poke Zone 
Game Info

Name: Pokemon Moon
Developer(s): GameFreak
Nintendo 3DS
Region: Alola

Rotom Pokédex
The player`s Pokédex is a unique version that may be inhabited through a Rotom, known as the Rotom Pokédex. Through the Pokédex, Rotom can communicate human languages. The Pokédex additionally acts as a real-time map on the lowest display screen at the player`s Nintendo 3DS, displaying the player`s location, locations of interest, and encouraged locations primarily based totally on conversations made with NPCs.

Alola FormsSome Pokémon species have uniquely tailored to the microclimates of the Alola region, turning into what’s referred to as a local version in their species. These version species tackle exclusive bureaucracy from the ones in their species in different regions, which include a exclusive appearance, Abilities, and more. An Alolan version of a species is referred to as its Alola Form.

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