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January 2, 2022 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Normal
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Class based, regional, and varying trainer music!
– Deletable HMs! And maybe reusable TMs
– Berry and apricorn trees make a return!
– My Interpreted Fairy-Type! (Based on the interconnection between the Electric/Bug Typings!)
– Enhanced Type Chart
– Decapitalization on everything!
– Custom TM/SM/HM List (Ex. Multi Beam is SM04) Play the game to find out what SMs are!
– Uncover the aftermath of the Uiyto region!
– Classic GSC Johto Influenced Game Style and Mapping (Since I love the Johto region)
– Youngster Joey’s revenge!
– New Criminal Organization with some added twists: Team Chasm/Criminal Egos/Super Rockets
– Secret Seijo Grottos!
– My instant Hack n’ Play beta testing style
– Download Packs! Unlock new areas!
– Navigator System! It’s a key item that will tell you what to do next!
– Inverse Wild/Trainer Battles!
– A signature move for EVERY Legendary! And some Pokémon!
– BW2 Repel System!
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📁 Beta, English, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red
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