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March 2, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info
Name: Pokemon Perfect Soul
Remake by: Roland
Remake from: Pokemon Soul Silver
An increased difficulty to spice things up a bit and help keep the game a challenge.
493 Pokémon available
Full compatibility for patching in whatever OS you use. (Windows, Linux, Mac)
AP patch included. No need to pre-patch.
2 Wondercard events available – Celebi & Spiky-Eared Pichu
All trade Pokémon can be evolved without the need to trade.
Normal trades evolve at level 40.
Item trades evolve at level up while holding the item in the daytime.
Glaceon evolves leveling up holding Snow Mail.
Leafeon evolves leveling up holding Grass Mail.
Magneton evolves leveling up holding Steel Mail.
Nosepass evolves leveling up holding Tunnel Mail.
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📁 Completed, English, NDS, Pokemon Soul Silver
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