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April 4, 2022 By Poke Zone

Game Info
Author: *Luxio//Hacks*
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3.0
Downloadable: Yes
All 721 Pokemon are available in this region. Wow, 721 beings in total. Think how much time will you spend to catch them all, huh?
Some moves – items – abilities come from Gen IV – Gen VI.
All text are now decapitalisation.
You can use the Mega Evolution for your Pokemon. Moreover, you can custom it in your way.
Many Pokemon’s sprites are updated. Maybe trainers also.
New type Fairy from Gen VI.
The EXP Catching System is available. You can have exp after catching a Pokemon.
The Repel System of Pokemon Black/White is also here. No need to open the bag so many times.
The soundtracks are replaced with the soundtracks from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. These music are really good ones.
New tiles in this game. The graphics is good as possible with some tiles from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

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