Pokemon Soothing Silver

Pokemon Soothing Silver

June 26, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info

Creator: DracAndre
Version: v1.0.6
Hack of: Soul Silver
Updated: 2020

Some Pokémon will be replaced by their Alolan forms, mainly for type variety, later on, He will release a patch for people who don’t want this feature in the game. The current alolan form Evo lines in the game are; Marowak, Exeggutor, Grimer, Geodude, and Sandshrew
All 493 Pokémon will eventually be added. All gen 1 & 2 Pokémon apart from legendaries will be available before beating the league, gen 3 & 4 pokémon, as well as the rest of the legendaries, will be available after beating the league. However, for the first couple of versions, not all legendaries will be available because scripting hard, sorry.
Lyra is replaced entirely by Kris!
Gold/ Kris will be battled a few times throughout the game in order to be more memorable and act as a second rival!
Variety. The game in general will be a bit less repetitive than the base game. 

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