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Pokemon Star is a sequel mod developed by Rusyaas for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Many hardcore Pokemon fans enjoy this ROM hack because of its crazy new ideas and unprecedented features! Join us on this journey in discovering this extraordinary title, Pokemon Start!

This Pokemon journey takes place in one of the most beautiful regions, Alola. This Hawaii-inspired landscape contains many regional forms of old Pokemon and most of them are from the Kanto region. Pokémon Star is a sequel to Pokémon Sun and Moon. After failing to restore Lusamine, Lillie returns to Alola with only a portion of her body restored. To help return Lusamine to her old self, you and Lillie must journey across Alola populated with Ultra Beasts. In Kanto, Lillie was able to place Lusamine in Bill’s separation machine. Lusamine and Nihilego were split up, but not in the way she had anticipated.




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