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March 22, 2022 By Nova Art

Game Info
Name: Pokemon Sweet
Remake by: Ephraim225 & Channini
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Region: Kanto
– Brand-new type chart with 12 types (Note: there is no physical/special split)
– 151 PokéSweets to capture (no trading necessary)
– PokéSweets are based on Pokémon from all five generations (plus three from Gen 6)
– Kanto has been dessertified (this is now a word)
– Most trainer battles are Double battles
– 50% more enjoyable than Fire Red
– Two rivals…okay, three, but the third guy’s lame.
– Capture PokéSweets or craft them from berries
– Two factions looking to steal your sweetrolls
– New music in many areas
– Re-match the gym leaders as much as you like

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📁 Complete, English, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red
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