Pokemon Thunder Yellow

Pokemon Thunder Yellow Download

October 17, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info

Creator: Feather
Version: Final
Hack of: FireRed
Updated: ???

Pokemon Thunder Yellow is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack via way of means of Feather primarily based totally on Pokemon Fire Red Codebase/Engine in English. And It is now to be had to download.

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A FireRed hack which follows 100% as Pokemon Yellow.
Pikachu will follow you.
You will have the GB Player (the Music Player Gameboy which can be used to enjoy the old 8bit soundtracks of Gameboy Color).
The sprites of Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow are re-modeled.
You can get Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle for sure.
A new system called Pikachu Happiness.
Jessie & James are being antied.
The areas for catching wild Pokemon are changed.
Many different trainers and gym leaders get new sprites for themselves. They look more beautiful.



📁 Complete, English, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red 

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