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What video game do you want? Whether that is just optimistic, those soft childhood fantasies in which everything looks like toys and sounds like joys, so there you are. Slime Rancher mobile is the story of a Beatrix LeBeau rancher who is far, far from for slims. And this is a genuine fairytale full of light and fun.

You place a thousand light-years from the earth, then. Everything seems unearthly, of course, but can you picture how far? The grass is purple, the hens appear curiously like our own and the shoots are the main part of the fauna of this world. They ‘re always hungry round, big and nice, so you have to feed them in order to get a result. Carry them to the corral and raise them with your vacuum.

Why do they eat? How are they eating? Everything! Everything! See them in your yard, so they will tear anything out of the field. Give a hen to see what’s going on. Even if you eat one another (or rather another sort of slime, to be precise), it looks nice.




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