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October 20, 2022 By Poke Zone

Game Info

Name: Pokemon Alabaster
Platform(s): RPGXP
Created by: Alababal

You are the son/daughter of a as soon as international well-known breeder (your mother) and a a success trainer (your father). You are the youngest of 3 siblings, the opposite  of that have already left domestic and graduated to come to be trainers. You even have a adolescence buddy named Cirrus who has been via way of means of your facet so long as you could remember. The tale starts to your tenth birthday, in which you’re allowed to select out one in every of 3 specific pokémon out of your mom. She additionally offers Cirrus one. Not lengthy later on the 2 of you head over to Nyejo Academy for an prolonged stay.
In Pokémon Alabaster Version you may combat for recognition, study the sector round you, discover new competitors and new friends, discover a tremendous region, traverse harsh terrain, benefit the agree with of your pokémon, and attempt to come to be the high-quality that there ever was. Unravel the secrets and techniques approximately your past, and find the proper chance that looms withinside the Nyejo Region.

All pokémon available by final release
6th gen mechanics
All new story line varies slightly based on decisions
Level Cap (may or may not be popular, but a feature none the less)
Two strong rivals (story will continue win or lose)
Rewards for filling out pokédex
Very large region with tons to explore
A dynamic modified weather system
23 custom moves
Custom music
Plans for Mega Evolution & HM items


📁 Beta, English, PC, RPGXP
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