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October 21, 2022 By Poke Zone

Game Info

Name: Pokemon Insurgence
Platform(s): RPGXP
Created by: Insurgence Team

• Handcrafted Easy, Normal & Hard problems to suit your playstyle!
• A multitude of Challenge Modes which include Nuzlocke Mode, Solo Run, Iron Man, Randomizer, and plenty of extra!
• Customize your person with exclusive clothes, hairstyles, hats, backpacks, etc.
• Catch all Pokemon as much as sixth Generation, from Kanto pokemon to Kalos pokemon.
• Create and customise your personal mystery base! Create boundaries and demanding situations for different gamers to experience!
• New never-before-visible Mega Evolutions for each vintage and new Pokemon.
• Brand new form of Held-Item, Armors will significantly improve the defenses of a Pokemon and don`t require a flip to activate!
• No extra want for a Pokemon with HMs found out on your party! Use HM objects to apply HMs while not having the moves.
• An great endgame with many quests to finish and places to explore.

Excellent graphic designs
Unique music and sound effects
New challenges
A new region and story
Delta Species
New Mega Evolutions
Online Features (Trading, connecting with friends, and more)


📁Completed, English, PC Games, RPGXP (JOIPLAY)
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