Pokemon Altered Platinum

Pokemon Altered Platinum

September 26, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info

Name: Pokemon Altered Platinum
Remade by: Lithium
Based on: Pokemon Platinum

-Meet 30 new Sinnohan structures (don’t rush, I’ve quite recently been chipping away at this for a really long time), each with an interesting plan, type, details, and that’s just the beginning!
Play with old shoppingmode Pokémon that have been intensely altered to look like new, and become accustomed to a generally better quality of execution where nearly everything ought to be usable.
The Ice type has been widely changed, its Stone shortcoming has been eliminated, and there are new protections from Water, Ground, and Mythical serpent.
While the test isn’t exactly basically as high as Kaizo, it’s certainly more enthusiastically than Rebel Platinum. By disposing of the work details, you’re restricted to about similar degree of execution as the NPC coaches (who can’t utilize EVs either), and you don’t need to crush EVs for a really long time!
Rec center pioneers are not generally restricted to types! All things considered, their groups center around a particular trick, for example, Roark’s covertness rock group.
Find recently shaded Gleaming shoppingmode Pokémon, for example, a Harvest time Leafeon or a Cherry Bloom hued Torterra, including -Rebel’s 1/512 Sparkle Rate!
Some NPC discourse that didn’t add to the story has been supplanted (not all at this point). This incorporates new jokes and allusions, yet in addition some extra data for the new Sinnohan structures to truly cause them to feel at ease in this all-new Sinnoh! Each new structure even incorporates new Pokédex sections!
Mess for certain new moves with (semi) custom livelinesss, similar to the low power Roughhouse pixie actual move or the Meteor Jump actual flight move with 100 percent precision, 90 power and no impacts! Some are even signature moves, similar to Skarmory’s Steel Plumes or (SPOILER’s) Grandiose Void.



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