Pokemon Platinum QoL

Pokemon Platinum QoL

September 25, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info

Name: Pokemon Platinum QoL
Remade by: Nynnuz
Based on: Pokemon Platinum

Secret Machines: Rock Crush, Cut, Strength, Rock Climb and Cascade needn’t bother with to be educated to a pokemon any longer to be utilized, you just have to have the HM clinched and having gotten the relative identification.
Surf, Fly and Defog still should be actuated the former way as such a long ways it are basically impossible to drive their enactment beyond the party menu.
Cascade and Rock Climb will utilize the first pokemon in your party for the activity.
Honey Trees: In the wake of slathering the honey on a honey tree, connecting with it again will promptly set off the wild fight. Experience rates are unaltered.
Spiritomb: Subsequent to putting the Odd Cornerstone in the Consecrated Pinnacle on Highway 209, cooperating with it again will set off an experience with a wild spiritomb. This cycle can be rehashed at the expense of another Odd Cornerstone.


📁 Completed, English, NDS, Pokemon Platinum 
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