Pokemon DR

Pokemon DR

October 24, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon DR
Remake From: Pokemon FireRed
Remake by: MrTien Duc (Pokemoner.com)
Source by Pokemoner.com
.*New Pokedex: 241 *New Main, Rival *Some New music *New move *New item: Ice Stone, Trade Dv…etc *New evolution: Eevee -Leaf stone->Leafeon Eevee -Ice Stone->Glaceon Eevee
-Sun Stone->Espeon Eevee -Moon Stone->Umbreon Change trade evoluton into held Trade dv Change trade evolution held item into held item
Walkthrough: When you completed the Kanto Cup, you will have a battle with Gary and All Gym Leaders again. Then, Duel with MrTien Duc (Pokemoner.com). Try to find Giovanni at Cinnabar Island. Finally, Have a battle with Red at The Cave where you have a battle with a trainer has Charmander! Come back and defeat elite four, End Game!



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