Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions

Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions

October 23, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Platinum: Red & Blue Versions
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: GoGoJJTech.
Sinnoh Region in its best ~ Using the Platinum tiles, looks, everything [and even things like the distortion world]
.DS styled sprites ~ Thanks to Chaos Rush’s DS 64 x 64 Sprite Resource
493 Pokemon ~ YES, this IS a feature. NO, I did NOT use the 649 patch or use a tool. This was done by hand, and a little advice from the greatest hackers of all time
New moves ~ Yes, the moves up to DPPt are in, not fully matching animations but at least you HAVE them ;D Some moves don’t have correct effects yet either.
Forms (Formes) ~ Yes, this isn’t all me ? My plan was to trick the player, but thanks to my partner daniilS, we have fully functional formes, and a working rotom appliance script (thanks buddy)
Day and Night ~ Using DNS for now, I’m waiting for Shiny Quagsire’s system
Sinnoh music ~ Wait, this isn’t all thanks to ipatix
Day/night music switch ~ Yep, the music changes between time of day, making the feel perfect thanks to Jambo51
A removed help system ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay (Doesnt)
Magma Armor and Flame Body implementation ~ Thanks to Hackmew, eggs hatch twice as fast when a pokemon with one of these abilities is in your party
Indoor Running ~ I know almost every single hack has this, but it’s part of the gen 4 feel
Platinum intro and titlescreen ~ Yeah, not done yet, but it’s being worked on
Class based trainer music ~ So instead of the trainer battle in every single song like FR, it actually works like it should, playing rival music on the rival, etc.
A WORKING Physical/Special Split ~ Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay again ?
More trainer encounter music ~ Making the trainer encounters like Pl
The trainers face you when you come near them ~ FR did this because in RBY you ignored the trainer too
Incense items ~ You can now get a munchlax from a snorlax with an incense, etc.
Re~usable TMs ~ I know this wasn’t part of DPPt, but let’s face it, why spend money on the same TM over and over?
HMs to match Pt ~ Rock climb, defog, etc.
New Evolutionary stones ~ All evolution stones are officially in and working, INCLUDING the dawn stone!
New items ~ All new items are in. Also a little Easter egg for the one who finds the dummied out Pt. items ? Effects are in progress
Lowercase ~ The ROM doesn’t shout at you
A working version of JPAN’s hacked engine ~ Since the engine has issues, I fixed them thanks to karatekid552’s thread on it
A few Gamefreak bug fixes ~ Including the dex and the roaming pokemon IVs glitch
DP Font ~ Self explanatory
No “previously on your quest” ~ thanks to diegoisawesome
BW2 repel system ~ Thanks to darthatron
Choose the starter properly ~ An RSE Choose starter port thanks to Shiny Quagsire
New evolution methods ~ All new evolution methods are in, no tricks, no bugs as demonstrated by the videos
New Pokeballs ~ WORKING new pokeballs (none replaced). These are thanks to JPAN’s research, daniilS’ asm and knizz knowledge of FR’s inner workings. Also the sprites are thanks to Bela
Diagonal walking ~ Yes! Walk diagonally ?
EXP when catching a Pokemon ~ Self explanatory


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