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Capture girls from college in a Tentacle virtual game. Download and enjoy your time on Android & IOS mobile phones with Tentacle Locker Mobile. As ad*lts go into the wonderful gaming universe, we find good-made games, Tentacle Locker Apk, some of them with dubious tastes but otherwise harmless, some of them calling you cops and others like Tentacle Locker. everywhere you go, we find them. Do not know how to make this. Do not know how to do it.

Perhaps you’ve seen so many fake Tentacle Locker Mobile games, but this one is a genuine and official game. So, you can download it on your Androids and enjoy it.

It was formerly only available on PCs but it is now also available on Tentacle Locker For Android. The working game from this website can only be downloaded.

Tentacle Locker Apk is a smartphone and tablet Android game. Basically, it is built on a nice simulated history in which players can grab and wear skirts of girls in high schools. There are lockers where the player can drag a Tentacle, forcing the player to wear a skirt.



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