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The watercolor style, the music is good, the battle is simple, and the heroine is lovely. Although it is recommended to clear a line in two to three hours, considering the price is still very valuable, in addition, there does not seem to be a recall mode after the game is completed, and the archiving is a little problem but does not affect normal play.
Although the price of the game is very low, the quality of the game is quite good. The picture is bright and charming like watercolors, and the color mix is ​​very symmetrical, which is very popular. And each person also has their own standing picture, and the appropriate difference adds more expressive power to the plot of the game. The rendering of music gives the game a very good atmosphere and a good sense of substitution. In order to be challenging, there are many battles set up.
We can also use different skills to restrain it according to the classification of ghosts. It can be said that it is very convenient, and defeating monsters can get purification points to enhance their level, and after defeating Monsters are n’t going to be played again. It ’s very real. In the back, we have to choose our partner. The game will also enter different endings according to your choice. So it ’s better to save a file before choosing it. The line is about 3 hours. This design is suitable for most players, so it is still very intimate (and Chinese design).
Features of HITOTSU NO MORI:
Great short game
great story
but a simple battle that is never that hard
its the narrative and communication among the characters is the huge draw to the game
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