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Game info
Published byActivision Value Publishing, Inc.
Developed byDC Studios, Inc.
ReleasedSep 28, 2005
PlatformsGame Boy Advance, Nintendo DS
This is an adaption of the arcade game Whac-A-Mole, for Nintendo’s handheld devices. At the screen you have a 5×4 grid of holes (3×3 in the GBA version). As the game begins, moles will randomly pop up their heads in the holes. Now you have to hit them before they disappear again. DS users will use the stylus and tap the moles, while GBA users will have to use the directional pad to move a marker around the screen.
The game comes with three different game modes. The first is the arcade mode, were you for each level has to reach a certain amount of points before the time goes out. Different types of mole will show up. In addition to the standard mole, there’s the golden mole which gives four times as much points as the standard one, and the plush one which gives minus points. Later in the game, you will also meet moles that attack your score, for example ninja and bazooka moles. Various power ups are also available. We have the multipliers, which once active will give you double points for each mole, clocks that slows the time and bombs that do the opposite. Seven worlds are available, each with it’s own graphical theme.

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