Pokemon Zeta

Pokemon Zeta

July 29, 2022 By Poke Zone 
Game Info

Name: Pokemon Zeta [RPGXP]
Created by: Zeta/Omicron Team.

There will be 70 hours for playing this game. A big content collection wil satisfy many Pokemon fans.
Two regions, 12 gyms, 4 sigil halls. Besides, there is the Battle Frontier where all players can show how strong they are.
Not so simple like it was described above, but the storyline will take a lot of players’s time to enjoy.
The difficulty was increased so that this game is not an ordinary easy Pokemon game.
The level limit was increased to 120. This is also the first Pokemon fan-made game which allows the players to train their Pokemon longer.
The GTS function will let our players to trade and battle with many other players by using Internet.
The Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness have returned in this game.
The Delta Pokemon which appears in Pokemon Trading Card Game is also available here.
All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V are capturable. Some of the Gen VI Pokemon also appear, too.
With the Normal mode, players can choose challenge modes for playing and entertaining.
No need to use HM now.
Players can decorate and customize their secret bases to whatever they want.
Yayyyy, Mega Evolution is here. There are some completely new Mega forms for Pokemon, figure it out.
Players can get alternative abilities they want.
IVs and EVs are now shown on the Summary screen of each Pokemon.
There is a Daycare Garden where players can breed eggs and take care of their Pokemon.

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