Snood 2 – On Vacation

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Snood 2 – On Vacation

February 3, 2023 By Poke Zone

Game info
Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS
Publisher: Destination Software
Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Strategy Video Game, Action game
Initial release date: 28 October 2005
The sequel to Snood keeps the gameplay from the original game but takes it to locations around the world. In this puzzle game players need to line up groups of three or more adjacent Snoods to remove them, similar to the Bust-a-move series. They are launched from the Snood-o-matic cannon at the bottom of the screen. For every Snood launched, the danger level increases and causes the Snoods at the top to move downwards. When the bottom is reached, the game is lost.
There are five game modes available: World Tour, Classic, Puzzle, Journey and Armageddon. Four additional bonus games can be unlocked: Snood Ball, Snood Sideways, Snood Grab and Snood Stack, all with small twists on the classic gameplay. Multiplayer is available as well.

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