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March 29, 2022 By Poke Zone

Game Info
Name: Pokemon Blackened Night
Remake by: Joexv
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Region: Eggomletai, Sinnoh and Kanto
A new mini egg-hatching game is ready for you.
Catch all Pokemon from number 1 to number 649. The Legendaries will help you a lot in this fateful battle, don’t miss them.
There are no gyms at all. You must complete the story quests to earn medals instead of badges.
There are 3 regions for you to explore: Eggomletai, Sinnoh, Kanto.
Based on your play time, your character will feel hungry. Feed them with the items.
Day/Night system, based on the real time clock on your device.
No matter where you go, a Pokemon will follow you.
You can customize your character in the ways you want.
The graphics and sprites come from Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
Mega Evolution for your Pokemon.

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📁 GBA, Pokemon Fire Red, English
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