Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown

September 3, 2022 By Poke Zone 
Game Info

Autor: Guested
Plataforma: NDS
Versão: 1.0
Rom Base: Pokémon Heart Gold
Lançamento: 2021
Status: Jogo completo
Idioma: Inglês


The Dojo has moved from Saffron City to be closer to the action! The Gym Leaders from Kanto have all gathered here.

Battle Frontier

In the main area of the Battle Frontier, you’ll encounter the Gym Leaders of the regions where this Battle Frontier has appeared (Johto and Sinnoh) as well as a few other familiar faces from those regions.


The Battle Hall is where you will find Gym Leaders from Hoenn, as well as a duo who now seems more interested in a rematch than an interview. As with their rematches in Emerald, these battles will all be double battles.

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📁 Completed, English, NDS, Pokemon Heart Gold 
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