Pokemon Star decrypted Citra

Pokemon Star decrypted Citra Download

October 24, 2022 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Star decrypted Citra
Remake from: Pokemon Ultra Moon version
Remake by: Rusyass

Zeraora, Marshadow, Ultra Beasts, and a slew of other new regional forms, like Alolan Voltorb and Machamp, are now in the wild. Now, the mythical Pokemon have stats that are comparable to those of a conventional Pokemon. Also, at Route 1, all gen1-6 starters are now available. Outside of Po Town, their second evolutions are available. Furthermore, almost every common Pokemon may be found in the wild. Some of them, such as Combee, Cherubi, and Wimpod, have improved movesets and stats. 

New Pokemon:

Alolan Voltorb (Elec/Fire)
Alolan Electrode (Elec/Fire)
Harambe (Fighting/Ghost)
Alolan Machoke (Fighting/Dark)
Alolan Machamp (Fighting/Fire
Ice Form Lycanroc (Ice)
Wariocorio (Poison/Flying)
Splatooneon (Poison)
Spookeon (Ghost)
UB-Solar (Fire/Steel)
Ultra Rowlet, Litten… Brionne (Same Typings)
Ultra Beast-Queen (Psychic)
UB-Queen Ultra Forme (Dragon/Dark)
UB-Queen Ultra Totem Forme (Dragon/Dark)



📁 Completed, 3DS, English, Pokemon Ultra Moon

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