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December 19, 2021 By Poke Zone
Name: Pokemon Life
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
A whole new region: including Nendios, your homeland. Born and raised at Ohana Farm, you are ready to explore all the world by yourself.
Upgraded graphics, new environments: You are not in Kanto anymore.
Blue Crystals: They are your save points. You can’t save anywhere you want anymore.
No more PC spawn: Once you faint, you end (I hope you saved).
New Pokédex: A selection of 150 handpicked pokémon from all generations for you to catch during your journey.
Animated pokémon sprites: To give it a HGSS feel, every pokémon now has a 2 frame animation.
Time based events: A budew in the morning, a gastly at night. “Who’ that guy? He wasn’t there yesterday.”
New side-quests: Designed to increment your gaming experience.
Updated moves/abilities/P&S Split: New generation moves and abilities to improve your battle experience.
Black&White Music: Generation V music to delight your ears.
Clarity enhancements: IVs on status screen, trainers facing you, etc.
Shiny rate increased: Still rare, but not impossible.
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