Pokemon Fire Red: Generations

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Download Pokemon Fire Red: Generations

April 29, 2022 By Poke Zone
Game Info
Name: Pokemon Fire Red: Generations
Remake by: Blue
Remake from: Pokemon Firered
Region: Kanto
At first, we’ll have a much more difficult game with the level of wild Pokemon is adjusted.
You can capture all 386 Pokemon now in Kanto region.
There will be some new companies of yours on the way to become a Pokemon master: May from Hoenn region and Jessie & James of Team Rocket. Through your whole journey, surely you will face and battle with these ones so often.
Those items which were unobtainable before are now available as gifts: Lucky Egg, Silver Powder, Thick Club, bla bla bla…
The basic stats of Pokemon are increased.
Some more areas for exploring. You can meet and get some Legendaries there.

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📁 Completed, English, GBA, Pokemon Fire Red
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